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Fun  introduction  to  music  through rhythm, singing, movement, stories and improvising on percussion instruments. A great foundation for future music lessons and a love of music!


Who are the classes for?

These  classes  are  for  pre-school  children,  aged  3 - 4,  accompanied  by  a  parent  or  carer.


What are they about?

The  lessons  introduce  children  to;

  • Rhythm

  • Pitch

  • Movement

  • Singing

  • Listening

  • Experimentation with sound using percussion instruments.

Each  concept  is  designed  using  an  animal,  including  the 'adventures  of  the  animal'  by  means  of a  story, and linked song.


Several  of  the  animals  feature  in  some  instrumental  tutor  books so  these  concepts  will  already  be  familiar  if  individual instrumental  lessons  are  taken  later.

How are the lessons constructed?

In each lesson there are:


  • Elements of Eurythmy and basic rhythm skills

  • Singing skills developed through simple songs

  • Introduction to a variety of percussive instruments to discover pitch and elements of sound

  • Encouragement to be creative, improvising on instruments

Why are they good for young children?

  • Introduce a love and appreciation of music

  • Development of natural skills in singing and aural awareness ability

  • Encouragement of creativity

  • Awareness of group participation and comeraderie

  • The lessons provide a solid foundation for future instrumental learning


When are they?

Monday 1410 - 1445

Tuesday 1410 - 1445

Wednesday 1410 - 1445

Thursday 1410 - 1445

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